Hughes again and House-George gets a great win also in Crash and Bash racing

The Crash and Bash family returned to Daylesford for the Bash in the Basin for both the Open and the Ladies class this past weekend and after a difficult couple of days in which some of our favourite people got a little banged up, it was this year’s dominant driver Jarrod Hughes who would take out victory in the Open Crash and Bash whilst Kath House-George won the Ladies.

Originally the crew were scheduled to run five heat races and a final however as you will read, a major incident on Saturday re-shuffled much of the racing so that everybody could get a go.

Heat races began on Saturday with one round of the Open Crash and Bash heat races. Jason Judd won the first from Daniel Kettels, Leon Argent, Steve Mitchell, and Mark Hebblethwaite. In the second heat race Jarrod Hughes took the win from Bradley Trainor Kevin Hughes, Jaydan Taylor, and Lachy Johnson.

It was in this second heat race Richard Lewandowski and his partner Kayla had a huge accident on the front straight with the Falcon ending up flat on its roof on the track. Kayla was rushed to hospital and has had surgery on broken bones whilst Richard has a broken shoulder bone.

The Crash and Bash Association and the Daylesford Speedway Club and its official’s volunteers and fans wish them both well in their recovery. This brought an end to day to for the Crash and Bash and we came back again to do it all again on Sunday.

Judd won the first heat of day two to go with his Saturday win with Kevin Hughes another strong result in second with Ron George, Clint Robinson, and Glen Robinson the finishing order before Hebblethwaite the team mate and great mate or Lewandowski won the second heat of the day from Johnson, Jarrod Hughes, Trainor, and Mitchell.

The final round for the Crash and Bash Association Open’s Jarrod Hughes picked up his second heat race victory from Trainor, Hebblethwaite, Mitchell and Peter Jenner and Kettels then won the last race of qualifying from Judd, Jaidyn Dredge and William George.

For the feature, the qualifying order was Judd, Jarrod Hughes, Hebblethwaite, Trainor, Kevin Hughes, Kettels, Mitchell, Johnson, Ron George, Dredge, Jenner, Clint Robinson, William George, Jaydan Taylor, Glen Robinson and Lockie Rae. Judd was unable to start due to a broken pan hard bar.

With the drop of the green flag, Hebblethwaite moved from the second row to the front of the field with Mitchell, Jarrod Hughes, Trainor, and Ron George the top five. The action was furious at the front with Jarrod Hughes and Trainor passing Mitchell the very next lap before a stoppage to clear the track from debris.

Hebblethwaite was still out front at lap five of the race with Trainor the second place from Mitchell, Kettels and Jarrod Hughes. The bonnet of Hebblethwaite came unstuck and he was black flagged by stewards out of the race.

Trainor took over the lead on lap six with Mitchell shuffling up to second from Kettels, Jarrod Hughes and Ron George the new top five. A broken tie rod end to Kettels and a flat right hand side tyre for Trainor put them both out of the race.

Jarrod Hughes took over the lead from lap nine and was not headed from there with Mitchell, Clint Robinson, Argent and Taylor the top five finishers. Yet another win for JH at Daylesford and a back up victory after Avalon Raceway.

The reduced racing schedule for the Ladies meant they would get two heat races on Sunday and their final.

Just like her husband Jason, Lea Judd took victory in her first run of the weekend as she proved too good for Stephy Grace, Kath House-George, Danni Marshall and Taleiha Johnston.

Things were a little different in the second heat race with Stephy Grace leading from start to finish to defeat Marshall, Judd, Laura Crane, and House-George.

Lining up for the final Grace was top qualifier with Judd, qualifying alongside, Marshall, House-George, Brenda George, Mel Argent, Taylah Hughes, Nikki Sonnet, Renah Pollard, and Crane who was in her rookie race meeting and Romney Stirling-Anderson. Due to the broken pan hard bar, Lea Judd was unable to take up her pole position spot.

At the drop of the green flag House-George led Grace, 8, Marshall and Pollard however Mel Argent was coming on strong and moved into fourth on the next lap. Romney Stirling-Anderson and Pollard got lapped by the fast girls at the front.

Whilst trying to pass House-George, Grace went in to hot and broke a tie rod to put herself out of the race when she hit the embankment.

House – George resumed her front running with 8, Marshall, Taylah Hughes and Argent behind her. On the last lap Sonnet passed Argent for fifth and the chequered flag dropped to see House-George the winner from Crane, Marshall, Taylah Hughes and Sonnet despite suffering with electrical issues as the car went in and out of limp mode.

Written by
Dean Thompson
DMT Sports Media
For Crash and Bash Association

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