CARRERA CUP: Adelaide – Race 1

Pos Sponsor Driver Pro/Elite
1 No Second Chance/Phase 8  Warren Luff (QLD)  P
2 Sonic Motor Racing Services  Nick Foster (VIC)  P
3 Sonic Motor Racing Services  Nick McBride (VIC)  P
4 Laser Plumbing & Electrical  Steven Richards (VIC)  P
5 Rentcorp  Duvashen Padayachee (SA)  P
6 AVCS  Sam Power (SA)  P
7 Onsite Racing  Michael Patrizi (SA)  P
8 Bonaire/Wilson Security  Craig Baird (VIC)  P
9 Alternative Freight Services  Tony Bates (VIC)  E
10 McGrath Estate Agents  Shane Smollen (NSW)  E
11 Davbridge Constructions  Shae Davies (QLD)  P
12 JBS Swift  Roger Lago (QLD)  E
13 Objective Racing  Tony Walls (QLD)  E
14 Grove Group  Stephen Grove (VIC)  E
15 Royal Purple Oil/Garth Walden  Ash Samadi (NSW)  E
16 Hallmarc  Marc Cini (VIC)  E
17 Porsche Brighton  James Bergmuller (VIC)  E
18 Fujitsu Racing  Renee Gracie (QLD)  P
19 Finance EZI  Maurice Pickering (QLD)  E
20 Phenix Motorsport  Brenton Ramsay (SA)  E
21 Equity-One  Dean Koutsoumidis (VIC)  E
DNF Adrian Mastronadro  Adrian Mastronardo  E



CARRERA CUP: Adelaide – Race 2

Pos Sponsor Driver Pro/Elite
1  No Second Chance/Phase 8  Warren Luff (QLD)  P
2  Laser Plumbing & Electrical  Steven Richards (VIC)  P
3  Sonic Motor Racing Services  Nick Foster (VIC)  P
4  Sonic Motor Racing Services  Nick McBride (VIC)  P
5  Davbridge Constructions  Shae Davies (QLD)  P
6  AVCS  Sam Power (SA)  P
7  Onsite Racing  Michael Patrizi (SA)  P
8  Rentcorp  Duvashen Padayachee (SA)  P
9  Bonaire/Wilson Security  Craig Baird (VIC)  P
10  Alternative Freight Services  Tony Bates (VIC)  E
11  McGrath Estate Agents  Shane Smollen (NSW)  E
12  JBS Swift  Roger Lago (QLD)  E
13  Porsche Brighton  James Bergmuller (VIC)  E
14  Copyworld  Michael Almond (SA)  P
15  Grove Group  Stephen Grove (VIC)  E
16  Objective Racing  Tony Walls (QLD)  E
17  Fujitsu Racing  Renee Gracie (QLD)  P
18  Hallmarc  Marc Cini (VIC)  E
19  Phenix Motorsport  Brenton Ramsay (SA)  E
20  Finance EZI  Maurice Pickering (QLD)  E
21  Equity-One  Dean Koutsoumidis (VIC)  E
22  Adrian Mastronadro  Adrian Mastronardo  E
DNF  Royal Purple Oil/Garth Walden  Ash Samadi (NSW)  E



CARRERA CUP: Adelaide – Race 3

Pos Sponsor Driver Pro/Elite
1  No Second Chance/Phase 8 Warren Luff (QLD)  P
2  Laser Plumbing & Electrical Steven Richards (VIC)  P
3  Sonic Motor Racing Services Nick Foster (VIC)  P
4  Sonic Motor Racing Services Nick McBride (VIC)  P
5  Onsite Racing Michael Patrizi (SA)  P
6  AVCS Sam Power (SA)  P
7  Rentcorp Duvashen Padayachee (SA)  P
8  Bonaire/Wilson Security Craig Baird (VIC)  P
9  Davbridge Constructions Shae Davies (QLD)  P
10  Copyworld Michael Almond (SA)  P
11  Alternative Freight Services Tony Bates (VIC)  E
12  Porsche Brighton James Bergmuller (VIC)  E
13  McGrath Estate Agents Shane Smollen (NSW)  E
14  Grove Group Stephen Grove (VIC)  E
15  Objective Racing Tony Walls (QLD)  E
16  Hallmarc Marc Cini (VIC)  E
17  Phenix Motorsport Brenton Ramsay (SA)  E
18  Fujitsu Racing Renee Gracie (QLD)  P
19  JBS Swift Roger Lago (QLD)  E
20  Royal Purple Oil/Garth Walden Ash Samadi (NSW)  E
21  Adrian Mastronadro Adrian Mastronardo  E
22  Finance EZI Maurice Pickering (QLD)  E
23  Equity-One Dean Koutsoumidis (VIC)  E

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